The world of business is changing rapidly. It used to be that a business could get by with one or two people to manage their IT, but now it’s almost impossible for any company to do so effectively and efficiently. You need an entire team dedicated to the job. This blog post will discuss the reasons why recruiting IT support is so important and how you can find the right team for your business! 

Four Reasons Why IT Support is so Key for Business Success 

Most small-to-medium sized companies don’t have IT support. If they do, it’s usually one person or a part-time job for someone who is also responsible for other tasks at the organization. This leaves the company vulnerable to data loss and even business interruption in some cases. Here are five reasons why recruiting an IT team will make your business and team healthy and profitable.

  1. Easy Communication

The most important thing an IT support company can do for you is to make sure all of your devices are communicating with one another effectively. This includes everything from computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Your business will be able to function much more efficiently if everyone in the office has access to email, word processing programs and other key information at their disposal. 

Easy Communication

  1. The Right Solution for the Annoying Problems 

Is your IT team ready for a disaster? You can trust a professional to handle any emergency, they should be prepared. You can consult with professional technicians and get the best services available when problems arise in order to avoid costly downtime or losing important data. Even if your service provider offers customer support, it never hurts to have someone on standby who knows what they’re doing–they may even fix things faster than waiting on hold! 

The Right Solution

  1. Unparalleled Protection

Protecting your business against a cyber-attack is getting more and more difficult to do by yourself. The best defence against cybercrime is a strong offence, which means investing in a highly professional IT support team that can be your shield and sword against threats that continue to spread like wildfire across the electronic landscape. 

Unparalleled Protection

  1. Fast Data Storage Made Simple

With the help of a professional IT support team, you can ensure that your business is storing and managing important data securely. The role of your IT team will be to make sure all information is stored in an appropriate location and accessible only to those with permission. If you don’t have any kind of IT support, it could lead to potentially dangerous situations where sensitive or confidential information ends up being mishandled due to a lack of security precautions. 

Fast Data Storage Made Simple

What Should You Look for in a Professional IT Support Team? 

Although outsourcing your IT support needs can be a cost-effective way to go, you should look out for certain qualities in the company before making any commitment. Follow this advice from experts and make sure that when it comes time to take care of all those pesky computer problems, you’re not stuck with someone who won’t even bother trying! 

Choosing the right IT provider is more than just a cost-saving measure. The most important thing to consider when choosing an IT support service, in addition to price point and responsiveness time guarantees, should be whether or not they’re qualified enough for your needs. Ask any prospective company that you are considering what qualifies them as being able to keep your systems running smoothly- be it hardware repair services at home or virtualisation hosting solutions on the go; there are plenty of options out there. 

Why Should You Choose Onestop to Manage your IT Support? 

Managing IT infrastructure is a full-time job; ensuring up-time and service delivery is a key function within modern businesses. Onestop IT is a leading provider of fully managed IT support services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland bringing not only technical expertise but a proven people-centric approach. 

What do we do? 

Our aim is to make support as seamless and as efficient as possible, ensuring that your business enjoys the maximum advantage from its investment in technology. To enable you to do this we can provide the following bespoke services: 

  • Helpdesk solutions 
  • IT vendor management (increasingly vital with the advent of the GDPR) 
  • IT auditing and reporting 
  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 

Doesn’t every IT company do that? 

Unlike other Glasgow & Edinburgh IT support companies, we focus on the business structure and the systems that need to be in place to enable growth. Having your organisation’s systems and networks in check means that your staff can make the most of technology and use it to maximise their impact on your business. As such our IT support is: 

  • Flexible 
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Ready to support your future growth 

What do we do differently? 

We pride ourselves on being innovative and proactive, a view shared by many of our customers. We believe in being better, in establishing a personal relationship that is grounded in a properly constituted understanding of what you need and how we can deliver those needs. 

Fundamental to our vision is a belief in transparent communications, within our company and between Onestop and their clients. We will always have someone available 24/7 should you need advice or assistance. 

When we started Onestop IT in 2003 it was with one clear goal: to bring enterprise technology solutions and best practices to the SMEs at an affordable price. This is still our driving principle. 

Onestop IT Support

Our Guarantee 

We are confident of our ability to deliver, so confident that we guarantee that your business will run better, or you get your money back. For us, a business IT system that is running well is evidenced through fewer service tickets and reduced downtime. 

Still not sure? Then our guarantees will give you peace of mind: 

  • 90 Day walk away option during the on‐boarding period. 
  • 90 Day refund of all IT care charges during the on‐boarding period. 
  • We’ll pay for the first month of your IT support with an alternative provider of your choice. 

If this sounds like something your business could be interested in, Get in Touch Today. 

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