An excellent question, and one that should be answered in due course! The answer is actually really simple – it’s the ability to help with any IT issues you may have. Most people at some point will need IT support but leaving it to the last minute might be too late in most cases. By the time people get IT support, their systems will probably be corrupted and broken beyond repair. So, let’s talk about, what IT support is? The different IT support service types and how they can help your team and business succeed.  

What is IT support? 

IT support is the ability to provide assistance with any IT issues you may have. It can be a particular area of knowledge, such as helpdesks or system administration, but it could also just mean having someone on hand who understands how technology works and has the time to devote to helping others when they get stuck.  

When a company’s systems are working efficiently, it has an easier time keeping up with the ever-changing world. I am sure that you, as someone who relies on IT to do your work and manage your business can understand this feeling of stress when one or more things go wrong in their system. It doesn’t have to be like that though! Companies also require IT support services to ensure everything is running smoothly without any glitches whatsoever for them or their customers. These companies usually invest into having full-time teams dedicated solely towards fixing whatever problem arises, so they don’t have anything come crashing down while simultaneously offering back-ups in case something does happen unexpectedly–which we all know isn’t unheard of these days, unfortunately… 

What are the different types of IT support services?  

When buying an IT support plan for yourself or even as part of a bigger business outfit it’s important not only to know what services are available but also how they differ from each other. In the IT industry, one term can represent vastly different things. So, let’s look at the different type of IT support services and what they mean. 

What is managed IT support services? 

The managed IT support service is what you want if your team has a lot of IT work on their hands. The Managed Service model is where your company pays a monthly fee for many services which you can pick a choose which managed IT support services you need and which ones you don’t. Here are some of the most common managed IT support services, which Onestop IT also provides: –

  • Helpdesk solutions 

What is a helpdesk solution? 

A helpdesk solution is a service that provides IT assistance, like walking someone through how to install the software. A help desk solution can also provide quick fixes for common problems and one-time issues. 

  • IT vendor management 

What is IT vendor management? 

IT vendor management is becoming increasingly vital with the advent of the GDPR. Organisations use vendor management system like ours to manage their suppliers, who are also known as vendors. Our system will help you select vendors, negotiate contracts, control costs, reduce vendor-related risks and ensure service delivery. 

  • IT auditing and reporting 

What is IT auditing and reporting? 

IT auditing and reporting are used to measure the effectiveness of IT security. The reports generated from this process can help businesses identify areas where they can increase their IT defence. An IT report will provide unparalleled insight into how your defences are performing, which will give you and your business peace of mind knowing that your systems and team are protected from cyber-attacks. 

  • Real-time IT monitoring and maintenance 

What is real-time IT monitoring and maintenance? 

Real-time IT monitoring and maintenance helps to monitor the efficiency of systems, so you can identify errors early on. The report will also help determine how much money your company spends for example, for server upgrades or repairs. This is why it’s important not only as a way to respond quickly but in order to save time and resources in the future. 

  • Backup and disaster recovery 

What is an IT backup and recovery? 

Many providers will have agreements in place where they guarantee a set response time for different severities of service requests, giving the customer peace of mind that when things go wrong, help won’t be far away.  

Some providers charge extra fees to make changes (known as ‘change requests’) which are outside the scope of Support; these charges can usually be included within one monthly fee and charged per user or device depending on your needs – saving both money and hassle! 

Managing IT infrastructure is a full-time job; ensuring up-time and service delivery is a key function within modern businesses. Onestop IT is a leading provider of fully managed IT support services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland bringing not only technical expertise but a proven people-centric approach. 

 Who should buy managed IT support services? 

Depending on your business needs, managed IT support services can help you free up valuable time to focus elsewhere. They provide peace of mind that when things go wrong, help won’t be far away; all at a competitive price. Many businesses see IT as a cost that they cannot afford. But with the help of an outsourced provider, these companies can have access to all the IT support they need at one monthly fee and priority support throughout agreed hours. Businesses without in-house staff are able to lean on this service for professional monitoring so they don’t experience downtime or other problems due to outages. But, who really needs IT support? 

  • Businesses that want priority access to IT technicians in agreed hours. 
  • Businesses that can’t afford in-house IT support. 
  • Businesses that want access to a fully staffed IT department. 
  • Businesses that want guaranteed Service Level Agreements. 
  • Businesses that want their IT infrastructure monitored to reduce downtime. 
  • Businesses that want a predictable monthly fee for everything they need to support their IT systems and infrastructure. 

It’s not just larger organisations who benefit from IT Support Services – they’re also perfect for those SMEs who need to expand their business but don’t have the services in place to manage all of the additional IT systems that they will need to grow. 

Why do you need IT support?

Technology is constantly evolving, which means that you need a company that will always be on top of the latest updates. You want to make sure your IT Support service provider is willing and capable enough to help with any problems or glitches in your system so that it doesn’t interfere with your workflow. 

What can we do to help? 

Here at Onestop, our aim is to make IT support as seamless and as efficient as possible, ensuring that your business enjoys the maximum advantage from its investment in technology. To enable you to do this we can provide the following bespoke services: 

  • Helpdesk solutions 
  • IT vendor management (increasingly vital with the advent of the GDPR) 
  • IT auditing and reporting 
  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 

Doesn’t every IT company do that?  

Unlike other Glasgow & Edinburgh IT support companies, we focus on the business structure and the systems that need to be in place to enable growth. Having your organisation’s systems and networks in check means that your staff can make the most of technology and use it to maximise their impact on your business. As such our IT support is: 

  • Flexible  
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Ready to support your future growth with reliable IT support 

What does Onestop do differently? 

We pride ourselves on being innovative and proactive, a view shared by many of our customers. We believe in being better, in establishing a personal relationship that is grounded in a properly constituted understanding of what you need and how we can deliver those needs. 

Fundamental to our vision is a belief in transparent communications, within our company and between Onestop and their clients. We will always have someone available 24/7 should you need advice or assistance. 

When we started Onestop IT in 2003 it was with one clear goal: to bring enterprise technology solutions and best practices the SMEs at an affordable price. This is still our driving principle. 

What is the best IT support service for me? 

At the end of the day, only you can decide what is right for your business but, we do have a blog that might help you choose an IT Support Company We hope this blog has answered all of your questions. Whatever your requirements, it’s worth getting in touch to see how outsourced IT support can help you and your team grow into a healthy profitable business. If this sounds like something you will be interested in, schedule a call with a member of our team or fill out a form on our website. Speak soon.