At the end of the day, the success of your business is solely in the hands of your customers. While you could spend all of your money developing great products and services and running sales and marketing campaigns to promote them, this doesn’t guarantee a positive customer experience. This might seem like a slightly depressing reality, but if you think you can’t affect the way people see your business, you are dead wrong.

In order for you to effectively optimise your customer experience, you first have to understand what things they like and dislike about you. With a number of great, simple tools out there designed to help you do exactly that, it’s easy to start improving your customer satisfaction. Read on to discover why you need a customer survey tool and what you can do with them.

Why you need to collect customer feedback

Your customer feedback helps your organisation in two ways. First of all, it lends important credibility to your business. As we’ve explained in previous articles, being able to read online reviews about your business is often the deciding factor when it comes to your potential customers making a purchase.

The other way customer feedback can help your business is by offering actionable insights into how satisfied your customers are. By having a steady stream of customer survey form submissions coming into your business, you can provide quantifiable reasoning for your business decisions.

What a CSAT tool can do for you

A CSAT (customer satisfaction) tool allows you to make getting customer feedback easier for both you and your clients. A CSAT tool makes the process simple for you by allowing you to send surveys to clients automatically and on a regular basis. It makes things easier for your customers by offering simple reviews that often only take one or two clicks to complete.

Gathering reviews on sites like Facebook, Google and Yelp is great for boosting your business reputation and convincing your prospects to purchase from you. However, customer satisfaction surveys offer you a chance to collate data from all of your feedback so that you can easily see trends in your customer experience. This is a great jumping-off point for creating campaigns to increase customer satisfaction and for setting goals for your progress.

Many CSAT tools such as Delighted and SimpleSat allow you to use their online surveys to calculate your net promoter score (NPS). This is calculated by asking customers how likely they are, from a scale of one to ten, to recommend your business to a friend or colleague. Your net promoter score can be calculated from replies that take just one click from your customers and the results can be used to get an overview of your customer satisfaction as well as identifying your most loyal clients.

Most CSAT tools allow you to send your customer surveys via automated emails and text messages as well as integrating with popular helpdesk apps like ZenDesk. This gives your customers the ability to quickly rate the support they received. Some tools, such as NiceReply even give you a leaderboard of your staff, meaning you can reward those who are excelling and offer additional support for people who are underperforming.

R&R Optimisation – our recommended customer feedback tool

Our recommended product for gathering customer surveys is Ratings & Review Optimisation. Like the other tools mentioned in this article, R&R Optimisation offers one-click surveys that customers can support with written comments you can publish on your website. You can keep a leaderboard of your support and sales staff and collect reviews towards your net promoter score. Like many other CSAT tools, R&R Optimisation also integrates with a number of popular third-party tools like Salesforce, Quickbooks and Xero.

What makes R&R Optimisation unique is the fact that the survey results can be used to boost your SEO. R&R Optimisation reviews are indexed by all major search engines, allowing you to rank higher in search results for relevant queries.

Another great feature this CSAT tool offers is a Google plugin that allows your R&R Optimisation reviews to be posted onto your Google My Business profile. This is significant since 63.6% of people look at Google reviews before making a purchase – this is more than any other review platform. Being able to use your customer surveys to boost your brand on the biggest search engine in the world is an invaluable asset.

We make onboarding for Ratings & Review Optimisation very simple for you, holding your hand through the onboarding process and allowing for seamless integration. Once you’re all set, the product will run in the background collecting Google reviews for you, with minimal input from your side.

Interested in getting started or learning more about Ratings & Review Optimisation? Get in touch with us by clicking the link below. You can also check out our other blog posts on the importance of online reviews here as well as weekly articles on business, tech and cybersecurity on our blog.