Over the last few articles on this blog, we’ve outlined some of the many benefits of staff training courses and the specific upsides of utilising video in your staff’s learning experience. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our own learning portal and how you can use it to strengthen your team’s skills in both technical areas like IT and supporting mental health in the workplace.

Read on to learn more about our affordably priced video courses that are as engaging as they are practical.

Benefits of video learning

We already have an article on how video courses can aid your staff’s learning experience, but it’s worth stating some of the key benefits here in brief. First off, video courses are usually far more affordable than in-person training and also much more flexible, as you can do your training at any point when your other tasks allow for it.

In addition, video is engaging and keeps the learner’s attention well. It also supports learning styles of all kinds, making it ideal for those whose ideal way of absorbing information isn’t sitting in a lecture hall or reading a book.

Our IT training courses

Did you know that most people only use about 10% of their work software’s capabilities? Here at Onestop, we want to change this. We offer a variety of courses on vital IT skills from cybersecurity to using Office 365 applications like Microsoft Teams and Excel effectively. This way, your people will be well prepared when there’s a Microsoft update or a spam email lands in their inbox.

We also make sure that our training video library is updated regularly to keep you and your staff up to date on the ever-changing world of technology and cybersecurity risks.

Our sales training courses

We want you to be able offer the best possible customer experience for your audience. That’s why our learning platform has a number of courses designed to help your staff improve their skills in this area, from customer service to selling skills to keep you ahead of the competition.

All of our courses are made up of short videos that are designed to keep your attention, only a few minutes long each. This means that whenever your employees have a few minutes to spare between tasks they can put that time to good use and uplevel their professional skills.

Our business training courses

Apart from online courses teaching you important technical skills around sales and IT, our learning platform also offers business classes around “soft skills” that are hugely beneficial in a modern office environment.

These include courses on mental health in the workplace, managing your time as well as working from home effectively. We also have courses on leadership management so that you can keep your organisation’s inner workings running smoothly and inspire your employees to take on new responsibilities, stay engaged and grow in their role.

Together with courses in the other categories mentioned in this article, these make up our ever-expanding library of 100 video courses consisting of over 1500 short educational videos.

Get your 3-month free trial of the Onestop Learning Portal

One of the most common doubts business leaders have about investing in staff training services is the value for money they’ll receive, and this is an understandable worry. Our learning platform offers a very affordable option to make sure organisations of all sizes can justify the investment. And best of all, we’ve decided to offer a free trial for anyone interested in our learning platform so you can discover its value for yourself.

But instead of offering a week or even a month of free access to our courses, we’re giving a free three-month trial of our online learning platform to all interested business owners. This way, you can really familiarise yourself with our content and offer the same opportunity for everyone on your team before deciding if it’s right for you.

If you’re ready for yourself and your team to be more and stay ahead of the competition, get in touch with us today to claim your free trial.