Cutting-edge spam protection: increase productivity and minimise threats

Business owners are well-aware of the perils of email as a whole. While it certainly is be one of the most valuable means of communication in the digital age, allowing businesses to keep in touch with customers, partners and providers, it also allows a large amount of unwanted content through to the inboxes of your employees. Not only is this an annoyance, but it could also be leading to security breaches if harmful viruses or other malicious software are infecting any of your users' computers.

At Onestop IT, we think that businesses shouldn't have to deal with the nuisance associated with spam, so we have designed a comprehensive email spam protection solution that is purpose-built to help businesses eliminate spam before it even hits your inbox. By utilizing our email protection, you and your business can simply get on with the day's tasks without having to work through the dozens, maybe hundreds of useless messages that clutter up your mailboxes.

Cut down on resource waste and free up funds for your business

Recent statistics have shown that spam makes up 50% of all e-mails sent worldwide and businesses lose roughly £400 per employee on an annual basis, simply considering the time wasted in going through and deleting unwanted messages. As such, spam is not only a nuisance and a productivity drain, but it actually costs your business serious money! Our comprehensive spam protection solutions will prevent your employees from feeling the burden of unwanted email by constantly eliminating unnecessary email messages; this is sure to lead your team to a major boost in productivity, as everyone in your organisation will be able to focus on only the important communications that they receive in their inboxes.

Increase your organisation's security

Spam is one of the leading channels for viruses, spyware, and other malicious content to make its way into your network. It does this by bypassing the technological security filters that are active on your network, as it requires users to open messages that are masked as genuine. It's therefore essential to eliminate the threat before it even reaches your users, to prevent security breaches from affecting your organisation. Our engineers will help by implement a spam filtering solution that works for your business, as well as adjusting it to make sure spam messages are removed, while all other relevant and important communication reaches your users.

Our email spam protection is a hosted solution that uses our industry-leading intelligent filters to keep suspicious e-mails from even entering your inbox in the first place. However, this doesn't mean that those messages are gone forever. They are re-routed into a quarantine area for review at a later time, which makes sure your staff don't miss anything important. Our engineers will continue to support your company in the fight against spam, by continuously adjusting these filters to let important messages through, while keeping unwanted and potentially dangerous emails at bay.

Onestop IT's spam solution will keep spam messages controlled and will free up your staff to better manage their professional inboxes. When you're ready to reap the rewards of a clutter-free inbox, contact our engineers at 0131 5100100 to discuss your spam-free future.

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