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There's no question that a business' growth in today's digital world is highly dependent of its staff's efficiency and productivity. At Onestop IT we understand that access to Internet is a basic requirement for most work roles, but we also know that uncontrolled access can also be the source of distractions any lack of focus in the workplace. With free access to the Internet, your workforce might be tempted to use it for something that isn't directly related to work, or even worse, to access content that can jeopardise the security of your business data. It's time to eliminate this altogether.

Filter away unnecessary Internet content to increase productivity

Our Internet filtering solution can prevent your employees from accessing potentially harmful website as well as from wasting time on social networking or video sharing websites. When access to non-work-related content is reduced in your office, it often translates into an increase in employee focus on the job at hand.

At the same time, with social media being a valuable advertising and marketing channels, it may be that some of your staff require access to these websites either an occasional basis or as part of their core job responsibilities. Our web content filtering solution can be adjusted to accommodate these requirements and make sure that each employee gets access to all websites they need for their job.

To do this, our team of IT support engineers can create user groups with different permissions and filters in place, giving you complete control over how the Internet is used in your organisation, and ensuring that only certain users are allowed to access websites that you find are sapping away productivity within your organisation. Our professional tech engineers are always on hand to help with setting up and adjusting permissions for your user groups, to make sure everything runs smoothly in your organisation.

Our web filtering solution reduces IT security threats

Increasing employee focus and productivity is not the only advantage of web filtering. Perhaps even more importantly, with the right solution set in place, our IT content filtering can protect your business' sensitive information in line with the Data Protection Act.

Firewalls and antivirus software can provide adequate protection against live threats when they target your networks, but they can't stop your employees from accessing potentially dangerous web content that can put your business data at risk. Quick web searches can reveal all sorts of viruses, Trojan horses, and other infected content; but with our Internet filtering solution in place, we can ensure that access to specific web sources that we know to be dangerous are inaccessible to your users. This ensures your computers remain operational and significantly reduces the incidence of malware in your organisation.

You are welcome to call us on 0131 5100100 for further information regarding our web filtering solutions. Our professional computer techs are prepared to implement IT solutions that serve as your data guardians and will provide the best advice and solution for your business.

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