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Long gone are the days when a simple antivirus application would be all a business needs to secure its workstations, servers and data against malicious threats. Today's world is far different and requires a more comprehensive data security solution. This is where we step in. At Onestop IT, we understand your business need for IT security and aim to implement the most effective solution that's both inexpensive and supremely efficient.

Data security is the law

We always go the extra mile to secure your business data because we know the number of intruders, hackers and cyber-attackers is increasing day by day. Businesses need to be aware of the importance of protecting their data – and the potential costs of not doing so. In many cases, when a security breach takes place and business data becomes exposed, it can mean significant financial loss, as well as serious reputational damage which can even drive an enterprise out of business. The reality of needing IT security is not only common sense; in the United Kingdom data security is the law.

All businesses around the country are responsible for ensuring that data pertaining to their staff, customers and professional partners remains secure. This is outlined in the Data Protection Act, where it's stated that all stored personal data must be secure from both internal and external threats and must be used responsibly and appropriately.

This is common practice for the majority of business-based computer systems, which makes data security an absolute necessity. At Onestop IT, we are aware of all the laws surrounding data protection and are prepared to offer our professional insight into the requirements your business needs to abide. Generally, this goes far beyond antivirus and password protection.

Onestop IT will protect your staff and business' interests

Securing business systems is all about having the right mechanisms in place along with the right internal policies. While we can do everything for your computers, your staff will need to remain up to date on your business' security policies. These are likely already in place, a good example being the requirement to have strong password made up of a mix of numbers and letters that's changed at regular intervals (we find most businesses opt for 90 days). We can help implement these policies within your business, while also ensuring your staff understand the importance of these security measures, and respect them as well.

Our IT security services for businesses include:

To find out more about the security solutions we can implement to meet your particular business needs, check the IT security section of our website. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, then we can help! Contact us on 0131 5100100 or fill in the form to the right of this page and one of our IT specialists will be in touch to discuss your IT security options.

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