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Image of Onestop IT Solutions document - Security Awareness TrainingDid you know your employees are the number one IT security threat to your organisation?

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Our Security Awareness Training is guaranteed to help you manage this IT security problem through interactive web-based training, regular simulated attacks and updates on the latest scams that may target your enterprise. We have partnered with the best-known names in cybersecurity, to provide the following security awareness training which includes:

  • Baseline testingYour staff will receive a baseline test to establish how many users are prone to Phishing attacks. You will be able to setup and deliver a free simulated Phishing attack in the form of an email campaign, and receive a detailed report.
  • Interactive web-based trainingEach of your employees will have access to security awareness training which includes interactive online modules, videos and games to be accessed on-demand. The aim of the engaging training material is to ensure staff can recognise and act upon potential cyber-attacks to reduce your exposure to real harm.
  • Phishing your own usersOnce training is complete, ongoing Phishing attacks are simulated to emulate a real cyber-attack on the organisation. The simulated attacks can be engineered to mimic existing providers or partners you work with, similar to how a real hacker would attempt to trick you. With the results you can assess any continuing weak points in your organisation’s first line of defence and if further training is needed.
  • Detailed reportingYou will receive reports showing stats and graphs for both training and simulated Phishing attacks, to easily track progress and impact of the security training on employees.

Get the security awareness training today to strengthen your human firewall and reduce the risk of a data breach. Contact us to get setup quickly.

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Use our Free Phishing Security Test to find out what percentage of your employees are phish-prone!

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Executive summary: Security awareness training