IT system monitoring and maintenance

If you were to consider the things your business depends on, would technology make it to the top of the list?

Whether you run a recruitment, marketing, accounting or legal business or work in the public sector or education, chances are technology plays an important role in all your staff's day-to-day activities. And as IT is constantly playing an important role in your company, the more important it becomes that all your systems and networks work smoothly and efficiently. Should your technology break down, it will most probably end up costing your business many hours of lost productivity, frustration and sometimes even the loss of irrecoverable data.

IT monitoring: we take steps to prevent problems from becoming problems in the first place

At Onestop IT we know how frustrating it is when a system goes down and prevents your staff from working through their daily tasks. This not only adds to the cost of operating PCs in the workplace but also contributes to creating an unproductive workplace, where everyone becomes frustrated and loses focus.

Luckily, our fully managed, proactive approach to IT can help prevent this from happening to your organisation!

Our approach to system monitoring and maintenance

We know from experience that proactive remote monitoring minimises downtime and maximizes productivity. This is why we employ monitoring software which will be installed on all your servers and workstations. If there’s anything suspicious going on, our engineers will get a notification. A ticket is automatically created and will provide all relevant information for our engineers to start troubleshooting even before your users are affected.

Our technicians will get to work immediately to find and implement the best solution, reducing potential downtime or even preventing your organisation from having any downtime at all! This network monitoring process almost completely eliminates the ambiguity from communication problems and allows us to find the solution as quickly as we possibly can and fix potentially critical issues before they even become serious.

We can troubleshoot and solve IT problems as if we were by your user's side

Our remote tools allow us to access your systems from our offices so that our technical engineers can actually see what is on your end user's screen when they experience an issue. They will then be able to navigate the user's machine and promptly fix any potential issues - it is almost as if the IT engineer was right there in your office!

We will reduce technical issues and security threats using our remote IT system monitoring service

Keeping your firmware and software up to date is crucial to keeping your servers and workstations running smoothly. New viruses and online threats are developed on a daily basis, and if they infiltrate your systems, they can exploit vulnerabilities. While all software vendors do a decent job of providing solutions and patches to contain these threats, the same can’t be said about users who are sometimes careless with suspicious Internet links or emails. With our IT security monitoring service, we work with your staff to take care of all the essential maintenance that your computer systems need and eliminate these threats before they become problematic for your workplace.

Industry-leading remote monitoring solutions

Our systems log all of the critical information we need regarding your systems; whenever specific updates become available for any of your hardware or software, we will be notified and will start building solutions from our office, which will be implemented at the time that best suits your business. This ensures our IT patch management activity won’t result in any unnecessary downtime or slow down your PCs; your business continues without any interruptions yet has all the latest patches installed to prevent vulnerabilities in your systems.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our proactive remote IT system monitoring and maintenance tools and how your business can benefit from these services. If we sound like a good fit and you want a company that can help deliver your business goals, take a moment and fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can or give us a call at 0131 5100 100.

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