The IT helpdesk that supports your business

When you run a business that makes use of technology, problems can happen: computers stop working, emails aren't sent or received, passwords are forgotten - and these to name just a few. Without a reliable IT helpdesk, these issues can bring your business to an expensive, unexpected, potentially damaging standstill.

With Onestop IT's help desk, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced engineers will quickly fix any IT related problem you may run into, no matter how complex.

Our helpdesk keeps your business running, managed and efficient

IT service desk options are some of the most widely implemented IT solutions across businesses today. Simply put, they ensure any business is able to operate with complete efficiency knowing that their hardware, software and documents are centralised and managed at all times. Without proper IT support for businesses, in-house technicians will often scramble to fix issues at specific workstations when these things can likely be solved from a central helpdesk in a remote location. This is where Onestop IT comes into play.

Our technicians make your life easier

At Onestop IT, we're well-aware of how difficult a sudden PC issue is and what this means for your team. We're also aware of the impact any downtime will have to your overall profitability. This is why our IT helpdesk solutions are available to you when you need them - during normal business hours or 24/7.

By keeping detailed records of all the issues your team is facing, we're able to streamline support services through our IT service desk and provide the support your business requires on an ongoing basis. This will ensure rapid response times: we will deal with your organisation's IT issues as quickly as possible. No problem is too large or too small for our certified technical experts to tackle!

Our solutions work as quickly as you do

The approach we use for our IT helpdesk support makes it easier for our technicians to prioritise key issues your business may be facing. In the event we are needed on site, we will already know what it is we need to do in a single visit and be more than capable of handling multiple issues at once. Similarly, we're also able to categorise the issues we're able to handle remotely and deal with them in a single swoop, too. This means your staff will be able to make better use of their time for more important work rather than being idle and unproductive. By employing proactive monitoring, our technicians are also able to detect issues before they are even reported - thus significantly reducing your team's downtime.

With Onestop IT, you have options

We understand that not all businesses are alike, and so we provide several options for the IT support we can provide to your organisation. You can choose to have 24/7 IT support if your business is operational round the clock and rest assured someone's just a call away to help. If you need support for your business only during business hours, consider our business hours IT support option and you'll see significant cost reduction while still benefiting from IT support when you need it the most.

It's easy to see the benefits of our IT support for businesses

Our software stores all tickets in a central database and allows you to see exactly what issues your company and employees are facing and how these issues have been dealt with by our engineers. When it's time to generate year-end reports, you will find that our service reliability can be presented as tangible evidence to potential stakeholders who will be able to grasp just how quickly your business gets back to work in the event of any technical problems. Similarly, your own team will benefit from our central database as both our technicians at Onestop IT and you will be able to communicate any expected upgrades or downtime and reduce any unnecessary headaches from sudden or unplanned outages.

IT support is essential to your business and it is high time to eliminate any unnecessary strain. If we sound like a good fit and you want a company that can help deliver your business goals, feel free to contact us at 0131 5100 100 or simply fill in the contact form and we will contact you to discuss how our IT solutions can help your business be more!

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Our user satisfaction in real-time

Our IT support team aims to resolve tech issues in a timely manner and to ensure your staff can continue to work with minimal downtime, and we aim to have a customer satisfaction score over 95%. Here are our current stats in real-time:

Recent feedback from our users:

"Luca went above and beyond what was expected . I told him about an issue with PowerPoint a couple of days ago. Luca came back to me unprompted and offered and implemented a very welcome solution. Great service."

Andy @ RZ Group

"This was my first time working with onestop, very easy to work with and very helpful. Many thanks for setting up my insphire system."

Brian @ MV Commercial

"Always a pleasure working with Michael. Quick response, hassle free and just overall great service. Thanks!"

Mildred @ Professonal Linen Services