Hardware virtualisation: let the cloud do the heavy lifting

There are a lot of ways IT professionals can help their organisations cut costs and improve efficiency, but few of them are as effective as hardware virtualisation. A hardware virtualisation project changes the way the business uses and purchases hardware and it immediately translates into substantially reduced energy and maintenance costs along with increased performance of already existing hardware.

What is hardware virtualisation?

At the core of hardware virtualisation is the idea of spinning up a virtual machine on existing hardware, which simulates the experience of a physical computer and all of its capabilities, but reduces the number of physical resources utilised throughout the office space.

IT virtualisation has essentially been born out of the need to do more, with less. IT engineers everywhere are aiming to optimise the use of available resources and virtualisation technologies offer the perfect solution, by collecting disparate computing resources into shareable pools.

Most standalone workstations are inefficient: it's estimated that on average an organisation uses between 5% and 25% of its server capacity. As such, a good chunk of these resources goes to waste. When combined with the number of workstations in a typical workplace, this contributes to a lot of wasted technology. At Onestop IT, we can immediately address these issues for your organisation, by providing a robust and reliable hardware virtualisation solution.

Bespoke virtualisation projects that meet the needs of your organisation

If you're looking to improve the performance of your already available hardware without having to invest in new equipment, our IT professionals can research, devise and implement the best virtualisation solution for your specific business needs. Your organisation will immediately reap the rewards of a consolidated IT infrastructure and enhanced productivity.

Typically, a hardware virtualisation solution can include:

  • full virtualisation: multiple users can share the same computer while completely isolated from each other
  • partial virtualisation: implement fully-featured virtual machines to support specific software applications for your end-users
  • paravirtualisation: optimise the performance of your existing hardware

With so many options available, we will be able to create a perfect balance of hardware and server virtualisation alongside your existing physical infrastructure that is both streamlined and offers superior functionality. To learn more about how we can help consolidate your IT infrastructure, call us today at 0131 5100 100 or complete the form to the right and we will reply shortly.

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