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Using Office 365? Here’s How To Boost Your Cybersecurity

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As Office 365 is hugely popular worldwide, it makes for a very attractive target for cybercriminals. This shouldn’t be a reason not to subscribe to this cloud-based suite, but it is a good idea to understand where Microsoft has built a good layer of security around its products and where it might be a good idea to Discover more

Your Guide To Office 365 Security Strengths & Weaknesses

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Cloud-based storage and applications are touted as the way of the future, promising organisations greater flexibility and productivity as well as fewer IT-based headaches. But understandably, many business leaders still have their questions about the security of these systems: how safe is their company data when it’s being stored on a separate company’s servers? How effective are Discover more

What Is Encryption & 4 Reasons You Should Be Using It

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Without encryption, the ways we use the internet today would look very different. Using things like online shopping, banking and other services online would be much more difficult and unsafe. That’s because websites that have access to your personal data, such as bank details and passwords, encrypt it in order to protect you, their Discover more

The Dark World of Spam & Phishing – How To Protect Yourself

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We all know what spam is. No, not the tinned meat kind, but the annoying email messages that look so dodgy you might wonder how anyone could fall for these scams. However, the reality is that many people do fall victim to cybercrime originating from spam and phishing emails. Sometimes, differentiating between scam messages Discover more

How To Strengthen Your Office 365 Spam Filtering

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Spam is not only annoying - it can be seriously dangerous for your business. While cybersecurity awareness training can do wonders to minimise risks posed by spam, it’s only one side of the coin: you also need intelligent protection in the form of a strong spam filter.  Today, we’ll go over how Office 365’s Discover more

Your Guide To The Cyber Essentials Certifications

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If you’re interested in gauging how good your organisation’s IT security really is, you should consider applying for a Cyber Essentials certification. Read on to discover how this scheme can help you identify IT security threats and what you need to pass. What is the Cyber Essentials scheme? Cyber Essentials is a Discover more

What Is A Firewall And How To Choose The Right One For You

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When a layperson is asked about cybersecurity, “firewall” is likely to be one of the first phrases that come to their mind. You might well be one of these people. But do you actually understand what a firewall does and how it protects your device and company network? That’s exactly what we’ll be going Discover more

Does Your Organisation Need Mobile Device Management?

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We’ve quickly become very dependent on our smart devices. The average Brit checks their phone 28 times a day; that’s almost twice per hour if they get 8 hours of sleep. So it’s no wonder that personal mobile devices - smartphones, tablets and laptops - have become a very common sight in the modern Discover more