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4 Surprising Facts About Office 365 & G Suite Backup

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In the past few weeks, this blog has focused on the shortcomings of the built-in recovery measures of the G Suite and Office 365, highlighting the need for a third-party backup solution. There are a number of myths about cybersecurity and data backup surrounding these two cloud-based suites. People often use these misconceptions to convince themselves they Discover more

Here’s Why You Need Third Party G Suite Backup

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G Suite is a highly attractive collection of tools for SMEs: they’re cheap, even free to use, widely known and cloud-based, allowing you to work from anywhere. Since the productivity suite is owned by one of the world’s premier tech giants, most people trust their data is in good hands when it’s stored with Google.  That being Discover more

5 Reasons You Need to Back Up Your Office 365 Data

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Does Office 365 back up your data? In short, the answer to this question is yes - but only to an extent. Microsoft will help you recover your data in case something like a natural disaster or a fire, or if you suffer a hardware failure that means you lose important files or emails. They also provide Discover more

Get Next-Gen Protection For Your Endpoints With SentinelOne

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In our blog posts this month we’ve talked at length about all the different threats your business networks are facing today. It’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional antivirus solutions are struggling to offer full protection against these new threats. If your business security still relies largely on an antivirus solution, it’s time to consider your options. You Discover more

Why Your Antivirus Isn’t Enough To Protect Your Business

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Antivirus presents a vital wall of defence against cybercrime and your business. Without it, your devices could be infected with malware within minutes. That being said, as we touched on in last week’s blog post, a host of new, exceedingly complex and intelligent threats is challenging established cybersecurity solutions like nothing before. With this in mind, it’s Discover more

Modern Threats To Your Endpoints & How To Avoid Them

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The cybersecurity threat landscape has always been one prone to quick changes, meaning that organisations of all sizes have been left to play catch-up. With a host of new, more sophisticated forms of IT security threats gaining momentum and business networks becoming increasingly complex, your traditional antivirus software is no longer sufficient for keeping your business, staff Discover more

How Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing Support Better Business

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Technology has completely transformed the way we do business over the past couple of decades. With quick developments happening in the world of tech all the time, it can be hard to keep on top of the latest updates. In today’s blog post, we’ll go over the many benefits of technology recommended practices around cybersecurity and cloud Discover more

Using Office 365? Here’s How To Boost Your Cybersecurity

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As Office 365 is hugely popular worldwide, it makes for a very attractive target for cybercriminals. This shouldn’t be a reason not to subscribe to this cloud-based suite, but it is a good idea to understand where Microsoft has built a good layer of security around its products and where it might be a good idea to Discover more