Cloud migration: leverage the power of cloud computing

Small to medium-sized businesses are the leaders in today's migration towards the virtual cloud. Business cloud migration is all about simplicity and at Onestop IT we understand that technological procedures needn't be complicated as others might want you to think. In fact, our professional technicians are all about making your cloud migration as simple, easy, and cost-effective as possible. Let's take a look at just why we think your business should be moving to the cloud.

Solutions that meet your every need and work better

Moving data in the cloud is almost always seen as a step up by businesses, but that doesn't mean it's a one size fits all. In fact, there are quite a few different options on how a cloud migration can work for your business, for you to make the most of it. Our cloud IT assessment starts by determining which of your business applications and data are best suited to use with a public cloud solution, and which are to remain in a private cloud. With our cloud migration solution, your business can benefit from:

  • Flexibility: our cloud solution will meet the specific need and demands of your organisation, with the possibility to scale up as your business grows
  • High availability: you and your staff will be able to access the files and data of your business from any location, thus being able to do business on the go
  • Cost-effective: we can help migrate your business to the cloud while still making the most of your existing technologies, to make sure your new solution saves you money and simplifies upgrades.

Solutions that are entirely secure

At Onestop IT, we value one thing above all: your data needs to remain secure at all times. The slightest breach could send your business into a downward spiral, which is something we're certainly not going to allow under our watch. The cloud, when compared to traditional IT security solutions, remains the safest option as security becomes a shared responsibility between your business and our technicians. Together, we will work to make sure not only that your data remains secure, but your reputation as a business remains intact and your computer systems remain online so that your team can simply get to work knowing that their documents and data are accessible yet fully protected at all times.

Firewalls and antivirus software can provide adequate protection against live threats when they target your networks, but they can't stop your employees from accessing potentially dangerous web content that can put your business data at risk. Quick web searches can reveal all sorts of viruses, Trojan horses, and other infected content; but with our Internet filtering solution in place, we can ensure that access to specific web sources that we know to be dangerous are inaccessible to your users. This ensures your computers remain operational and significantly reduces the incidence of malware in your organisation.

We are more than prepared to take your business to the cloud. If you want to learn more about how cloud technologies can improve the performance of your business, call us on 0131 5100 100 or fill in the form to the right to start a conversation about your cloud migration process today.

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