Use cloud IT services as your competitive advantage

Much has been said over the past few years about cloud computing: the ultra-flexible service is said to meet every business' demands when it comes to data storage and can be scaled at the simple click of a button. Similarly, cloud IT management is known to be even simpler than traditional server administration, which can drastically reduce your business' IT costs and overhead.

With over a decade of experience in technology, we are one of Scotland's leading providers of managed cloud services and are prepared to meet your business' needs!

Advanced cloud IT solutions at an affordable price

Our cloud services have two particular advantages across the board: speed and lowered costs. Small and medium sized businesses in particular can gain a huge advantage from employing cloud based solutions, which allow them to avoid the upfront investment of traditional servers and other in-house technology. Moving your data to the cloud provides a full-fledged solution for data recovery as data backups are available immediately; our cloud based IT solutions drastically reduce the amount of downtime your business will face should your IT systems go down.

Out of sight, out of mind

We know that technology and simplicity don't always go hand-in-hand, but our cloud computing solutions are as simple as they can be. All of your data is held at an offsite location and we can set up backups to run as often as your business requirements deem it necessary. We will manage all the maintenance required, allowing you and your staff to simply get on with your work.

Similarly, we offer a fully managed IT service update solution, which ensures your software is always running with the latest security patches and updates in place. This minimise risk of data loss or cyber-attacks, while also preventing your systems from requiring extended downtime to run several updates at any one time.

Cloud services are more accessible than traditional servers

Cloud IT solutions allow for increased collaboration amongst team members as they're able to access, edit, and share their documents from any place with an active Internet connection. This way, team members can collaborate across different offices or work remotely just as easily as if they were next to each other. This increased flexibility is backed up by our IT security policy as well, to ensure that easy access is granted to your business data and applications - but only to users with the right permission levels.

Please take a look at our other cloud-related services to find out just how cloud IT can help your business grow in a competitive market. Once ready, feel free to give us a call on 0131 5100100 or fill the form to the right of this page and our technicians will be in touch to discuss how cloud solutions can help your business be more!

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The 10 benefits of managed IT services - Onestop IT whitepaper

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