How To Boost Your Company Reputation With BizRatings

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As we said in our previous blog post, your business reputation is incredibly important and online reviews of your products and services can make or break your business. That’s why you need a strategy for getting more reviews from your customers and ways to use these to display your excellence.  Don’t assume your clients will remember to Discover more

The Power of Google Reviews For Gaining Online Visibility

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In this day and age, having a good flow of genuine customer reviews posted about you online is integral to making your business a household name in your local area. Google reviews are one of the best ways to raise your online profile and improve your company’s offering which is why today, we’re going over the reasons Discover more

Why Business Reputation Matters & How To Boost It Online

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The way people choose the businesses they buy products and services from has changed fundamentally with the near-universal adoption of the internet and its various review sites. While in the past, people learned about products and services largely through word of mouth, today, online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp could make or break your Discover more

Oh, What A Night! – Here’s What Happened At Our Tesla Event

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We had a great time hosting our first social business event at the Tesla showroom in Edinburgh on March 27. The evening was full of networking among like-minded business leaders, learning more about the importance of business continuity, data backups and strong business systems while enjoying some live music, drinks and nibbles. If you were Discover more

Your Guide To Setting An IT Budget

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One of your most important jobs as an IT manager is managing your organisation’s IT budget. As your budgeting and planning here will affect everyone in your organisation, it’s essential that you put in the time and effort to make sure you get it right.

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How To Get Control Of Your IT And Understand It

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Today's competitive world of business means that IT is indispensable. Over recent years, the processing power of computers has transformed the workplace immensely, from streamlined back offices to high-speed customer care. Similarly, the widespread take-up and use of smartphones has changed how customers browse and shop. As a result, successful modern organisations need to make Discover more

How to create asset management databases

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In this post, we examine how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can develop and implement an IT asset database. We also discuss the reasons for having a computerised asset management system, what it should include and some of the issues that could arise without such business information to hand. Business Assets and Effective Management With no Discover more